Jobs for experienced Tradesmen

Need a job that offers travel to various parts of the country?  Or maybe you want to stay only local to your family and city?  The main thing that we offer is steady work for the top performing tradesmen.

We offer you the projects and you as a Subcontractor 
Is it easy to start working for MBS Enterprise Group, Inc.?  We have a process in place that does find out if you are a top performing tradesmen.  If you are you will easily have the references on past projects to jump right in and get an opportunity to work for one of our contractors across the United States.

Contact us today and join a family of Sub Contractors.

Do you have what it takes to exceed expectations?

We truly care about your well being while you are on the job.  The time about worrying if you are going to get paid on time is over when you join our team.  We will always cut you a check and have it in your hand by the Friday it is due.    Our goal is to keep you busy with a steady paycheck.  Do not hesitate to fill out the form below and start the process to work as a subcontractor for MBS Enterprises Group, Inc.  We truly equal construction manpower!


What to expect during the Trades man hiring process:

        If you have the developed skills for the trades we offer we really want to give you a shot to show us what you got. Even if you are currently working on a project, let us know you are interested and we check your references and let you know when a project get to your area. Below is the steps to becoming a team member and staying successful.

1. Know the trade you are proficient in and if you are a mechanic or helper in that trade.

2. Completely fill out the form and submit it.  Tell your co workers to do the same.

3.  A representative from the subcontracting department will call you with in a 72 hour period.

4.     They will verify you have the correct tools for the trade and find out where you are interested in traveling to.

5.       If you pass the initial interview you will be faxed an subcontractor screen to fill out.  You will need to have past project supervisors phone numbers and names.  we will verify you have what it takes for an opportunity.

6.       Once you pass that process you will be given a shot on a small project.  The contractor will see your work and rate your performance for a few days.

That is all it will take to get you on the bigger projects.  The big projects can last for months!  Sound like something you might like to get into?  Fill out the form and the adventure begins!

      Famous quote that drives our team:

The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed.

Henry Ford 


We will assisted you on your bottom-line

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